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After many years in the trucking industry Vince Elliott, former CEO of Elliott Truck Line, Inc., had more than experience, he also had perspective. He relied on that perspective when he viewed the state of the industry from the past to today.

He started driving trucks during summer vacations from high school during the 30’s when he was 16 years old. He hauled live chickens to Chicago and New Orleans.

Feed was mixed and fed to the chickens enroute. He also hauled butter in refrigerated trailers which were cooled with barrels of ice. There were mechanical brakes on the tractors and vacuum brakes on the trailer, which were not too great. He used lanterns to help warm the cab and defrosted the windshields with candles. Since that time there have been many changes in the transportation industry.

Vince Elliott founded Elliott Truck Line in 1946, after serving 4 1/2 years in the Armed Forces.  Starting with a new 1946 International tractor and a new 20 ft. Trailmobile, hauling livestock, himself the only driver.  In 1949, Vince slowly started diversifying into the tank transportation business, and transporting liquid and dry products in bulk in 1973.

March 21, 2009 Elliott Truck Line was purchased by Custom Commodities Transport a major player in the trucking industry out of Texas since 1985. With similarities in operation, service and safety, Elliott Truck Line and Custom Commodities continue to push forward into the future. CEO David L. Stevenson strives to be innovative and access the newest technologies to provide safety for our drivers and the general motoring public, as well as improved customer service.

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